TV Host Ramon "Mon" Tulfo and Actor Raymart Santiago with wife Claudine fist fight video are now viral and leaked in some social networks, blog sites and video streaming. It's just happen May 6, Sunday afternoon at the at the arrival area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

There two different versions of stories by two parties is now reported on the news: The first one, the fist fight incident happened when Mr. Tulfo saw Raymart's wife scolding and cursing a airport staff. When Tulfo decided to take pictures of actress using his cellphone, however Santiago approached him and forcefully trying to grab his cellphone.Tulfo stated that there are other people belong to the couple's entourage punched him on the face so he fought back.

Check out this viral and leaked video about this fist fight incident (Tulfo and Santiago) at NAIA-3

On the hand of interview, Raymart stated he approached Tulfo, and asked him why he was taking footage. Santiago said Tulfo punched him.  Claudine also added she denied Tulfo's statement about cursing the airport staff because she's merely complaining because their baggage were left in Caticlan Airport. Baretto added Claudine that Tulfo kicked her on her thigh and pushed her hardly towards the counter.

The said incident is currently conducting an investigation by the Airport Authorities.  Let see what will happen to this incident in the upcoming days and wait for video from the CCTV camera be used as which will be used as evidence.

*video credit to respective owner on youtube and image credit to Jenny Reyes for

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