O+ 8.75 Android Phone is made in U.S., powered by 1GHz Processor and runs in Android 2.3.6 perfect for games such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. This Android phone is built with very responsive 3.2" capacitive multi-touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel rear camera with front camera 1.5X zoom which is very good for video call. If you looking for more storage for your phone? O+ 8.75 Android Phone comes expandable memory up to 32GB and enjoy its Air shuffle for FM Radio, Music, Photos and Camera. You can get O+ Plus 8.75 Android Phone in very reasonable price of P3,995*. (*online store price and may also change without prior notice)

O+ 8.7 Android Features and Specifications:
OS: Android Gingerbread 2.3.6
3.2" capacitive touchscreen 240x320 resolution,262K Colors
1 GHz processor
expandable up to 32GB memory card
3.2 MP rear camera
front camera with 1.5x zoom
Air Shuffle for photos music, FM Radio and camera
Network: Dual GSM 850 | 900 | 1800
capable: Wifi, 3G, GPS

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  1. Can i upgrade its Gingerbeard OS to ICS?

  2. Upgrading a GINGERBREAD android phone to a ICS is never going to happen!a GINGERBREAD stays a GINGERBREAD thatsbwhat i know refer to youtube for more info.

  3. can i use skype with this phone?... i mean videocalling?

  4. it has a front camera..:)

  5. is there any text input other than Qwerty?

  6. how to create my account to google play ..
    becuase i tried to create my account to google play but it wont go through ..

    thank ..

  7. Create Account

    If you have a Google Account, you can add the Google Wallet service by logging in with your existing username and password at If you don't already have a Google Account, a free Google Account will automatically be created for you when you sign up. Your Google Account gives you access to a number of free Google products.

    To create your Google Wallet account:

    1. Visit
    2. Click Sign up now.
    3. Fill out the required fields and click Create my account. Time to shop!
    4. To activate your Google Account, check your email account for a verification message from Google and verify your account.

    If notified that an account with the email address provided already exists, you may have already created a Google Account when signing up for another Google service or purchasing a Google Product (such as Picasa, Google Earth, Google Apps, or Google Video). Instead of creating a new account on the left side of the page, provide your login email address and password on the right side of the page. After providing payment and shipping information, the Google Wallet service will be added to your existing Google Account.

  8. guys im new at this stuff android, i want to ask something before i buy one, do i have to be online to be able to use apps for example games or mobile tv apps? appreciate your help.. thnx..

  9. specially the mobile tv app do i have to be online to use it? my guess on games and other apps is it depends if it has to be online, bu what about the TV app? please help specially those who have experienced.

  10. @ako sila

    some games or utility apps are no required to be online but some apps need to be online like traffic apps. For TV apps, I think you will need to be online just like watching a nba premium games and other video streaming apps.

  11. guys how to move out some application to recent?

  12. sir ilan ram nito at internal memory?

  13. Sir it can play temple run in this android

  14. Can I use my phone in other countries ???

    can this phone last up to 5 years ??


  15. can i download viber in this phone

  16. Ilan po internal memory neto tsaka RAM???? Reply please

  17. d naganda ang quality keypad sobra pangit syang lang pera ko

  18. bakit kapag minimiscolan q po ung number q gamit ung O plus, bkit d po nag aappear ung 2matawag?

  19. saka panu ba maibabalik sa dati ung mga apps na nakalagay dun sa harapan?tapos po panu po mailolock ung screen nun?

  20. Hi. In your opinion..Is this better than Blackberry 9360? I mean, does it not have a cheap feel? Or does the touchscreen slides smoothly? No lags or whutevs?

    I just hate this part of my life where I had to switch from an android smartphone to a blackberry crap phone. So now, I'm longing for an android phone where in I can do what I used to do before.

    I'm willing to trade my crap phone to o+ only if that phone's performance is not gonna give me a headache.

    Thanks in advanced. :)

  21. for more informations, eto po:


  22. I have a O Plus 8.31 android phone, this had been working fine but now when I get an incoming call the screen illuminates but the phone does not ring and the caller goes straight to voice mail. I have checked all forwarding settings and these are disabled, can anyone assist me

  23. this phone sucks air shuffle? YEAH RIGHT very funny air shuffle my ass

  24. i have an o+ 8.75 android for me this phone good for texting and calling but when you browse or game it totally bad cannot be upgrade bad hard to ROOT i well rate 5 if this phone can be update/rooted