O+ Plus Phone from Technology Company in the United States would like to at least capture small pie of mobile phone market in the Philippines. Featuring its Android powered phones and tablets, O+ Plus is recently making a buzz in the Philippines. Aside from sporting competitive specs which doesn't fall at the end line of other cool technologies in the market, O+ Plus products are offered at cheaper prices. Check out this updated price list of O+ Plus Android Phones and Tablets:

O+ Plus Android Phones Model and Price:
O+ 8.12 Android – P11,995
O+ 8.9 Android – P8,995
O+ 8.7 Android – P3,695
O+ 8.5 Android – P5,995
O+ 8.2 Android – P3,795
O+ 8.1 Android – P3,695

O+ Plus PAD Tablet Model and Price:
O+ 9.7 Pad – P9,995
O+ 7.1 Pad – P6,500

O+ Plus Phones Model and Price:
O+ 6.8 WiFi – P3,295
O+ 6.3 WiFi – P2,995
O+ 7.2 WiFi – P2,795
O+ 5.3 Phone – P1,895

*images credit to O+ Plus. *Price may change without prior notice. Based from online gadget websites such as CMK Cellphones and gadget stores from shopping centers in the Philippines.

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