Day 33 na...Nasaan ka Corona?: Viral Photo in Social Media

Here's another viral (edited) photo that are posted and trending in different social networking site, website and blogs,  the "Day 33 na...Nasaan ka Corona?" viral photo is inspired in ABS-CBN's former primetime telesrye "Nasaan ka Elisa?" lead by actress Melissa Ricks.

*image credit to rightful owner, which is posted here in facebook site

Here's the viral edited photo of  "Day 33 na...Nasaan ka Corona?".  Like in previous post here, this image posted in social networking site is basically inspired with Impeachment Trial with Chief Justice Corona.

For comparison from original poster, here's are list names included in photo that are starring in "Nasaan ka Elisa?": Melissa Ricks, Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Vina Morales, Mickey Ferriols, Eric Fructuoso, Christopher Roxas, Joem Bascon, Desiree Del Valle.

 *image credit to rightful owner

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