Banana Amazing Sculpture image on Social Network sites

Have you imagine doing such creative and amazing artwork also can be done in fruits such as Bananas? well, check out this Banana Amazing Sculpture which posted in different social network and blog sites. Bananas are good source of carbohydrates which gives more energy to a person, you can also check this 10 health benefits of bananas in our body.

1. Bananas regulate the bowel system
2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure
3. Bananas reduce depression
4. Eat bananas for healthy bones
5. Reduce menstrual pains with bananas
6. Bananas help ulcer patients
7. Bananas increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin
8. Quit smoking by eating bananas
9. Bananas increase brain power
10. Reduce itching of mosquito bites with bananas

*image credit to rightful owner, site and posted on facebook

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