Marvel Avengers Alliance Guides and Cheats for Facebook

Marvel Avengers Alliance, the Facebook game by Marvel Entertainment and a unique role playing combat game on Facebook. Your mission is to create, assemble, and lead your own league of super heroes, in order to keep the New York City free and safe from the evil villains lead by Doom, Loki, the Red Skull, and Magneto. If your looking  for the any guides, cheat or hacks for Marvel Avengers Alliance? Scroll down below to found out more about Marvel: Avengers Alliance guides, cheat and hacks for Facebook. Marvel Avengers Alliance also includes this team of superheroes: Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Wolverine.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Guide to help you with the game.
1. Choose and Train your Heroes
2. Learn to stack the best items in your inventory
3. use your energy wisely on the battle
4. Team-up with other heroes
5. Use and understand classes
6. Use Distress Calls accordingly
7. Observe and Look for those hidden missions
8. Send heroes using Flight Deck
9. Research to unlock more gear
10. You can also try some PVP battles in the Training Room

Check out this video about Marvel Avengers Alliance on Youtube

Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat Requirements:
Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook account
Cheat Engine
Mozilla Firefox

Marvel Avengers Alliance One-Hit Kill Cheat
Lets Begin:
1. You need to Login to facebook and play Marvel: Avengers Alliance
2. Next, scan your opponents life, don't forget to set to 4-Bytes on Cheat Engine
3. If your using Iron and Hawkeye try to use "All Enemies" Attack and Hit those enemies.
4.If the your enemy are all same HP after the Hit, scan the new HP and press New Scan
5. But if you enemy aren't the same after you Hit, go to scan type and try to "Decreased Value". Hit New Scan again
6. If your are success in "Decreased Value", then you're going to have to spot the values by eye. Please take note that you double click the correct values out of the list. It should be 3 addresses per HP bar.
7. Now finish the game, Hit the enemy for One-Hit K.O.

Ideally scan the Enemy / Boss Life source (it should be 4Bytes), this is the red life bar under the players / enemies when the battle starts. This how it works, if your facing a Enemy Boss and you've seen a 390 HP on the red life bar at the bottom. So scan 390, and hit Enemy Boss again. He then dropped down to 350.  now type type 350 in "cheat engine" and hit next scan. Finally, got three addresses and changed each of them down to 1. Now,  try to Hit him a last time and Boom! for the One Hit Kill.

Play the Marvel Avengers Alliance and get a chance to build your own lineup of superheroes and eliminate all the enemies. Marvel Avengers Alliance is playable on Facebook.

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