Mick Pennisi PBA Worse Flop Trending Video and Mick Pennisi explains about the video

The delayed reaction flop video of Mick Pennisi is now the viral and and become latest sensation in some social networks and sport news, it was held last PBA Game, March 21, 2012 at SMART Araneta Center, when Petron's Blaze import Will Mc Donalds lose his temper and intentionally throw the ball at the head of Barako's Mick Pennisi, who waited and couple of seconds before he reacted. After uploading it in Youtube, the video has become trending and sensation online.

Check out this video about delayed reaction of Barako's Mick Pennisi on Youtube
*video credit to respective owner

This funny and delayed flop video of Mick Pennisi also hits and became trending in sports news
as ESPN Sports Center include and rank it No. 2 on the show's Not Top 10 plays. While Huffington
Post stated “We’ve seen some pretty bad flops in basketball throughout the years but this one
takes the cake.” Because of this epic video Pennisi is now dealing with his new sensation and acclaimed the "The Flop".

Mick Pennise also explained about his flop last Wednesday Game, here's what he says:
*video credit to respective uplaoder TheCutterpillow on youtube

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