Top 10 Tagalog Text Messages na Mahirap Replyan

Have you experienced having conversation on text messages then suddenly he/she texted but you don't know how to reply on it.Well, check out this  Top 10 Tagalog Text Messages na Mahirap Replyan which posted and shared in different social network and Blog sites.

1. Ganun ba
2. Oo nga
3. Ah
4. Ngek
5. K
6. Hehe
7. Haha
8. Sige
9. Yup
10. XD

*image credit  to rightful owner, posted and shared on facebook

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Important Health Tips Image

You may consider this a very nice Important Health Tips posted and shared in different social network and blog sites. A simple tips but helps a lot.

• Don't take your medicine with cold water.
• Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm.
• Drink more water in morning, less at night.
• Best sleeping time is 10pm to 4am
• Don't lie down immadiately after taking meal
• Answer phone calls from Left Ear.
• When phone's battery is low to last last bar, don't answer the call because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

*image credit to rightful owner, posted on facebook

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7 Flood Safety Tips

Check out this 7 Flood Safety Tips to keep in mind and in case if there's flood emergency, when stranded proceed to the highest point of household and make sure you:

1. Listen to the radio or television for any infomation and updates.
2. Be ready for emergency food and water.
3. If you have time prepare basic survival kit such as:

•basic clothes
•important documents
•extra cash
•a water

4. You better move special belongings to higher floor or a secured spot in house if possible.
5. Use flashlights or rechargeable lamp, rather than candles
or flammable  sources of light.
6. Do not touch electrical equipment if you have been outside in the rain.
7. Avoid electrical outputs in house.

*image credit to respective owner, posted on facebook

Emergency Hotline Numbers - Philippines

Here's a very useful Philippine Emergency Hotlines to remember:

(PNPPhilippine National Police 
117 or send TXT PNP to 2920

(AFP)Armed Forces of the Philippines

(NDCCNational Disaster Coordinating Council 

(PAG-ASA)Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

(DPWH)Department of Public Works and Highways 

(DILGDepartment Of Interior and Local Government

(BFP) Bureau of Fire Protection, National Capital Region

(MMDA) Metro Manila Development Authority 

Red Cross



(DEPED) Department Of Education 


(DTI) Department Of Trade and Industry Price Monitoring

(DOH) Department Of Health 

Philippine Coast Guard

(NLEXNorth Luzon Expressway 

(SLEX) South Luzon Expressway 

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Banana Amazing Sculpture image on Social Network sites

Have you imagine doing such creative and amazing artwork also can be done in fruits such as Bananas? well, check out this Banana Amazing Sculpture which posted in different social network and blog sites. Bananas are good source of carbohydrates which gives more energy to a person, you can also check this 10 health benefits of bananas in our body.

1. Bananas regulate the bowel system
2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure
3. Bananas reduce depression
4. Eat bananas for healthy bones
5. Reduce menstrual pains with bananas
6. Bananas help ulcer patients
7. Bananas increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin
8. Quit smoking by eating bananas
9. Bananas increase brain power
10. Reduce itching of mosquito bites with bananas

*image credit to rightful owner, site and posted on facebook

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7 Side Effects of Soda Image on Social Network Sites

Do you usually drink Soda? do you know what are the different effects of Soda in your body? check out this picture which 7 Side Effects of Soda.  The said trivia photo is posted and shared in different social network and blog sites.

1. Phosphoric Acid - weakens bones and rots teeth.
2. Excessive Artificial sweeteners makes you crave more.
3. Carmel Color - Made from the chemical, is purely cosmetic, it doesn't add flavor yet is tainted with carcinogens.
4. Formaldehyde - Carcinogen, it is not added in soda but when you digest aspartame, it will break down into 2 amino acids anf metahnol = formic acid+formaldehyde (diet sodas).
5. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a concentrated form of sugar, fructose an derived from corn. It increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides and also makes you hungry.
6. Potassium Benzoate-preservative that can be broken down to benzene in your body. Keep your soda in the sun and benzen = carcinogen.
7. Food Dyes-impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focusing, lack of impulse control.

*image credit to rightful owner, posted on facebook

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What's your Name in Korean?

Want to know you name in Korean? Check this "Your Name in Korean" Image which posted in different social network and blog sites.  Kindly follow the procedure / steps below:

Step 1: Your last name is your last number of your year of birth. ex: 1977=7
0: Park
1: Kim
2: Shin
3: Choi
4: Song
5: Kang
6: Han
7: Lee
8: Sung
9: Jung

Step 2: Your Middle name is your month of birth. ex: February=2
1: Yong
2: ji
3: Je
4: Hye
5: Dong
6: Sang
7: Ha
8: Hyo
9: Soo
10: Eun
11: Hyun
12: Rae

Step 3: Your First name is your date of birth. ex:23
1: Hwa 16: Rim
2: Woo 17: Ah
3: Joon 18: Ae
4: Hee 19: Neul
5: Kyo 20: Mun
6: Kyung         21: In
7: Wook 22: Mi
8: Jin    23: ki
9: Jae 24: Sang
10: Hoon         25: Byung
11: Ra 26: Seok
12: Bin 27: Gun
13: Sun 28: Yoo
14: Ri 29: Sup
15: Soo 30: Won
        31: Sub

Example, 1997, October 23 - Lee Eun Ki
*image credit to rightful owner, posted on facebook

Try it copy, post and hare with your friends

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25 Tips for Flat Belly

Dreaming to have a beautiful, fit and sexy belly? Check out some tips on How to have Flat Belly (Tummy) in a simple way. Hope it helps!

  1. Drink a glass of water before eating
  2. Do cardio 20 minutes a days, five days a week
  3. Eat five (5) small meals a day
  4. Five serving of fresh fruit or veggies.
  5. Cut down on alcohol consumption.
  6. Know your serving sizes.
  7. Good posture: it strengthens tummy muscles!
  8. Get a least 7-8hours if sleep every night
  9. Strengthen your core.
  10. Cut out sweets.
  11. Do Push-ups...Accurately.
  12. Do reverse sit-ups.
  13. Never skip breakfast.
  14. Drink lots of water everyday.
  15. Reduce salt intake.
  16. Avoid Stress.
  17. Color your plate.
  18. Cut out fast food
  19. Don't starve yourself
  20. Don't isolate your stomach.
  21. Enrich you diet with fiber.
  22. Do crunchies with exercise ball
  23. Cut out soda
  24. Leg Lifts.
  25. Climb stairs

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Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: Who's The Best NBA Player?

Lebron James finally grabbed his first NBA Championship Title, some people thought would it the first and last? or would it be another run for him and the rest of the Miami Heat to take another title? Let see and found out in the next NBA Season.  For now, check out this funny image posted and shared in different social networking and blog sites, who do you is the Best NBA Player for you? is it Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James? Here's some major achievements in the NBA.  If we missed any achievements, simply add in comment below or just email us with a subject: best nba, and will posted up for you.

Lebron James NBA Major Achievements
1- NBA Champion (2012)
1- NBA Finals MVP (2012)
3- NBA Most Valuable Player
2- times All-Star Game MVP
1- Scoring champion (2008)
Rookie of the Year (2004)
Olympic Gold Medal (2008)
Olympic Bronze Medal (2004)

Kobe Bryant NBA Major Achievements 
5- NBA Champion
2- NBA Finals MVP
1- NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
4- NBA All-Star Game MVP
14-time NBA All-Star 
1- NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (1997)
2- NBA Scoring champion
Olympic Gold Medal (2008)

Michael Jordan NBA Major Achievements
6- NBA Champion
6- NBA Finals MVP
5- NBA Most Valuable Player
10-NBA Scoring champion2:08 PM 6/23/2012
3- NBA All-Star Game MVP
14-NBA All-Star Game
2- NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion
NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1998)
Rookie of the Year (1985)
2- Olympic Gold Medal (1992 and 1984)
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2009

*image credit to rightful owner, posted in facebook

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What's the difference between a Boss and a Leader? Viral Photo in Social Network Sites

How do you categorized your supervisor, manager or your immmediate superior with this image which features the characteristics / traits of a "Boss" and a "Leader".

-Drives Employees
-Depends on authority
-Inspires Fear
-Says, "I"
-Places blame for the breakdown
-Know how it is done
-Uses People
-Takes credit
-Says, "Go"

-Coaches them
-On Goodwill
-Generates enthusiasm
-Says, "We"
-Fixes the breakdown
-Shows how it is done
-Develops People
-Gives credit
-Says, "Let's Go"

*image credit to rightful owner Yooper Pasty, posted on facebook

"This is Philippines" is now Viral on Social Media Sites

Check out this beautiful image where it features the some Philippine Place and Tourist Spots relating to countries which somehow in common. The said photo is now viral and posted in some social media network and blog sites.

Singapore - no..It's the Fort
Hongkong - no.. It's Ortigas
Spain - no..It's Vigan
China - no..It's Manila Chinatown
France - no..It's San Sebastian Church
Vietnam - It's Coron, Palawan
New Zealand - No..It's Batanes
New York - No.. It's Makati
Indonesia - No.. It's Boracay

This is the Philippines!

image credit to rightful owner, posted in facebook

Facebook Emoticons Chat Emoticons 2012

Check out this compilations of New Facebook Emoticons Chat emoticons. Use the Facebook Smileys and Emoticons while reconnecting with friends and family on the most popular social networking site online. If you have your own Favorite Facebook Chat Emoticons, simply post it on comment below. All you need to do is copy / paste it in your chat box while chatting with friends. Hope you'll like it!

Troll Face
[[331399223556184]] [[286042634779174]] [[330023780360758]] [[329237617088409]] [[204120926342364]] [[131297490319188]] [[289987304385341]]
[[295847560451136]] [[278880668827213]] [[260560750675461]] [[264494386943951]] [[208640915887167]] [[270643856326606]] [[334868623190983]] [[263173770411836]]
[[265844723474789]] [[325742447454304]] [[207587629327321]] [[294223273948603]] [[323449457679402]] [[258622847533513]] [[242014162533924]] [[158386917602797]]
[[306019522772134]] [[267712979948966]] [[301751889864065]] [[213122875437139]] [[164020277032670]] [[158735217564918]] [[261124587284685]] [[301991303173149]]
[[114261558693806]] [[113889888730617]] [[316407155046042]] [[316473595041291]] [[346326392049037]] [[284570571589911]] [[298670736837009]] [[186000198162731]]
[[219939044752270]] [[336155773063546]] [[131032267012645]] [[155856061183812]] [[208532722565686]] [[268249169896142]] [[204863289602546]] [[242397452496887]]
[[199766206779497]] [[157903644315266]] [[212393248843131]]

Like Button
[[320563857961546]] [[320563884628210]] [[320563924628206]] [[320563951294870]] [[320563961294869]]
[[320563984628200]] [[320564021294863]] [[320564054628193]] [[320564064628192]] [[320564084628190]]
[[320564127961519]] [[320564154628183]] [[320564194628179]] [[320564207961511]] [[320564244628174]]
[[320564364628162]] [[320564441294821]] [[320564471294818]] [[320564494628149]] [[320564531294812]]

[[321032964581302]] [[321033037914628]] [[321033047914627]]
[[321033074581291]] [[321033104581288]] [[321033141247951]]
[[321033174581281]] [[321033201247945]] [[321033217914610]]
[[321033224581276]] [[321033241247941]] [[321033274581271]]

Boy Pick-Up
[[320868341264431]] [[320868381264427]] [[320868411264424]] [[320868474597751]] [[320868514597747]]
[[320868551264410]] [[320868571264408]] [[320868587931073]] [[320868621264403]] [[320868641264401]]
[[320868677931064]] [[320868724597726]] [[320868757931056]] [[320868777931054]] [[320868804597718]]
[[320868831264382]] [[320868847931047]] [[320868881264377]] [[320868944597704]] [[320869034597695]]

Lol Smiley
[[322351887782743]] [[322351911116074]] [[322351927782739]] [[322351941116071]] [[322351967782735]]
[[322351984449400]] [[322352007782731]] [[322352031116062]] [[322352044449394]] [[322352051116060]]
[[322352067782725]] [[322352087782723]] [[322352101116055]] [[322352111116054]] [[322352131116052]]
[[322352194449379]] [[322352214449377]] [[322352254449373]] [[322352281116037]] [[322352317782700]]

Big Smile
[[321039907913941]] [[321039924580606]] [[321039941247271]] [[321039957913936]] [[321039967913935]]
[[321039974580601]] [[321040011247264]] [[321040097913922]] [[321040107913921]] [[321040114580587]]
[[321040121247253]] [[321040131247252]] [[321040141247251]] [[321040154580583]] [[321040167913915]]
[[321040197913912]] [[321040217913910]] [[321040237913908]] [[321040251247240]] [[321040267913905]]
[[321040281247237]] [[321040317913900]] [[321040334580565]] [[321040344580564]] [[321040434580555]]

Big Angry Birds
[[322320127785919]] [[322320147785917]] [[322320194452579]] [[322320211119244]] [[322320224452576]]
[[322320254452573]] [[322320274452571]] [[322320307785901]] [[322320317785900]] [[322320337785898]]
[[322320451119220]] [[322320491119216]] [[322320511119214]] [[322320534452545]] [[322320541119211]]
[[322320557785876]] [[322320597785872]] [[322320624452536]] [[322320661119199]] [[322320837785848]]

Sleeping Smiley
[[320571481294117]] [[320571537960778]] [[320571601294105]] [[320571617960770]] [[320571634627435]]
[[320571691294096]] [[320571711294094]] [[320571727960759]] [[320571771294088]] [[320571814627417]]
[[320571847960747]] [[320571861294079]] [[320572044627394]] [[320572074627391]] [[320572081294057]]
[[320572094627389]] [[320572131294052]] [[320572164627382]] [[320572204627378]] [[320572254627373]]

*image credit to rightful owner, reposted on facebook
I Love you
[[107453105948594]] [[221310038416]] [[173556336384]] [[267422529977510]] [[110797149003034]] [[205838455398]] [[173556336384]] [[172843133886]]

List of Funny Facebook Emoticons:
[[249199828481201]] – Konata Izumi
[[250128751720149]] – Domo Kun
[[223328504409723]] – Gintoki Sakata
[[236147243124900]] – Pokeball
[[326134990738733]] – Pikachu
[[155393057897143]] – Doraemon
[[224502284290679]] – Nobita
[[144685078974802]] – Mojacko
[[334954663181745]] – Spongebob
[[196431117116365]] – Shin chan
[[148935948523684]] – Pedo Bear
[[ForeverAloneComics]] ForeverAlone
[[MeGustaMeme]] Megusta
[[164413893600463]] Megusta 2
[[149333368464171]] YaoMing
[[116616581692281]] TROLL Face
[[145768898802324]] FUUUUUs
[[168456309878025]] LOL
[[189637151067601]] LOL 2
[[FapFapFap.B]] FAPFAP
[[106043532814443]] Y U NO
[[214457085240151]] Nothing to do here
[[129627277060203]] Poker faces
[[ChallengeAcceptado]] Challenge accepted
[[100002752520227]] Okay
[[224812970902314]] Derp
[[192644604154319]] derpina
[[170815706323196]] Cereal guy

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Why do say "Cheese" when we smile in a camera? - Funny Animal Images

Have you ever wondered why do people say "Cheese" when we smile or taking in a camera?  Because some words like cheese, please, and other rhyme words with cheese which makes our mouth to open like a smile and have you noticed it shows all of our teeth when we're doing smiling. They even use "cheese" for our kids good way to make little children smile.

Well, one good sample is this Animal Funny Images (it's edited of course) which the fourth and in the right Tiger takes his good Smile in a Camera.

image credit to rightful owner, posted on facebook

Painting Observation and Interpretation - Viral Photo in Social Networking Site

Upon visiting, viewing and reading in one famous social networking site -  facebook, this very nice and interesting posted article catched my attention.  It's an unique and deep interpretion of "unknown" painting which interprets and discussed the five (5) countries that may categorized as a powerful, controversial, rich and considered all as first world countries: the USA, China, Russia, Japan and Taiwan.

Here's the very nice observation and interpretation in Unknown Painting posted in Facebook. Some commented it's the 5 Ruler Countries of today. How about you? please free to post a comment below.  Credit this interpretation to rightful owner which is posted on facebook.  Hope you'll like it!

image credit to rightful owner posted on facebook

Right in front, the Asian lady with a tattoo on her back is China.

On the left, the lady full of concentration is Japan.

Dressed at the top looking sideways is USA.

Lying rather seductively is Russia.

The little girl standing by the side is Taiwan.

China "tripled" the Dong tiles (East Winds, this is a double up). This means that China has arisen with the circumstances (the winds); maybe that is the display of the "East Wind" missiles she possesses now. It looks like China is doing ok, but there is no clue about the other cards (tiles). Meanwhile she is up to no good under the table.

USA, appearing confident, is looking at Taiwan with an expression; perhaps to read from the look of Taiwan or to send some message.

Russia may appear indifferent but it is far from that. One leg is on USA and one hand is passing card(s) to China. They are some discreet exchanges going on.

Japan has all eyes on the cards, unaware of what others are doing.

Taiwan wears a red abdominal vest, maybe implying she is the last successor of the Chinese culture. She holds a tray of fruits in one hand and a fruit knife in the other, looking quietly at China with resentment. But she has no option. She is not in the game (a little girl too young to play the game?).

Dark clouds hang over the river outside the window implying tension over the straits separating Main Land China and Taiwan.

The portrait on the wall is interesting, mustache of Sun Yet Sun, the bare head of Chiang Kai Set, the face of Mao Tze Tong...

How the 4 ladies are dressed is also very interesting.

China bares her top, with panties and a skirt.

USA is almost fully dressed but bares her bottom.

Russia is left with only panties.

Japan naked.

These perhaps reflect the status of each nation;

The attire of USA appears to be most complete, probably because she is still the most powerful. Others are short of something here and there. Though USA is most presentable, she has nevertheless exposed her bottom (line). China and Russia look naked but keep their private parts are covered.

We assume this is a stripping game where the loser removes a piece of clothing.

In this game, if China loses, she will be like Russia today... (broken up).

If USA loses, she will also be like Russia...

If Russia loses again, then she has nothing left...

And Japan is already left with nothing....

Russia may appear to have drawn an extra tile (by the rule of the game, she cannot complete the game i.e. cannot win) and is hanging on for nothing ... BUT she is actually exchanging tiles with China...

The other person hanging on is Japan since she has no more "chips". She is out of the game if she loses.

In conclusion:

USA is pretending. She looks most glorious but faces great dangers. If she loses this game, she loses her dominating position.

Russia has a leg each on a boat, most sly ... Her situation is a little like China after liberation (when the communist took over China), sometimes with the USSR and sometimes with USA. Due to her lack of self sufficiency, she has to yo-yo between two parties for survival and room of development.

China has many tiles but they are not in view. Does that imply China keeps her strengths under wrap? And she is exchanging tiles with Russia under the table.

USA can only guess from the expression of Taiwan what may be happening between China and Russia.

Japan looks ignorant as she continues to focus on her cards.

China’s hand (of tiles) is most unpredictable.

Poor Japan ... there are so many things happening around her. She has no chance of a win and she is out the moment she loses.

Taiwan keeps watch as a bystander. She sees all that transpired in the game and she understands. But she is not qualified to, nor capable of participating in the game. She has no right to speak. She is full of grievances and is utterly helpless. She can only be the maid, offering fruits to the winner(s).

The winner should be a pick between China or USA , there is little doubt about this. Then again if you notice, they are playing Chinese Mahjong, not Western Poker.

Playing with the rules of a Chinese game, what are the odds for USA?