Timothy Bradley shocked the boxing world on Saturday, defeating pound-for-pound contender Manny Pacquiao via split decision at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. If your looking fo the scorecards in the bradley pacquiao fight, Here's the Official Scorecards in Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao in a 12 Rounds Fight.

Duanne Ford 115-113 in favor of Bradley
C.J. Ross 115-113 in favor of Bradley
and Jerry Roth with 115-113 to Pacquiao

Meanwhile, as the #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer hits the trending topics in twitter, there's also this viral photo in different social networks and blog sites. Here's the photo which is shows of Lederman Card in round by round scoring with 119-109 in favor Pacquiao. The second image is the Final Punchstat by two boxers which shows Manny Pacquiao with 493 thrown punched and had landed 190 while Timothy Bradley with 390 thrown punched, only 108 just landed.

To clarify things, image above is NOT the official scorecard
image credit to rightful owner, posted on facebook

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