How to Spend your Money wisely this Christmas Season

It's Yuletide season coming for us and we are looking forward for a festive celebration with our loved ones. The time that we learn to share the blessings. Exciting isn’t it? This is the time when people get together and share moments with friends and relatives. Overspending during this season is almost unnoticeable; from Christmas decorations to delightful foods to share. We want it to be as bountiful as it could be but we also want to begin the coming year may not be prosperous but in a financially sound position, right? Then we should be aware how to spend money over this period.

Probably most of us had already received their 13th month pay and exciting Christmas bonuses. And a few a weeks ago, we have already drawn up our shopping lists in anticipation for this special time of year.  Surely most of us will receive their salary earlier than Christmas Day itself and unfortunately the next payout may be on the 2nd week of the 1st month next year. So we might end-up "nga-nga" (gaping) for the following year if we don't manage our expenses sensibly.

Then what's the best way to avoid overspending this Christmas? Just simply not to be one of the statistics of over-spender and be part of the statistics who spend their money wisely.

So how are we going to spend your hard-earned money wisely? Here are some tips that you may consider :

            1. Instill a positive value of smart spending .

It's a cliché, "Everyday is Christmas". Imagine that you'll spend a lot for Christmas daily. Like everyday living, we should spend for what is really necessary.

            2. Prioritize your priorities.

Allot a reasonable budget for this season and include all debt, rent, electricity, water, transportation, gifts, and entertainment. Avoid "Mañana Habit" in paying your dues. And don't forget to add a percentage on your savings.

            3. Shop wisely.

Shop around for cheaper options but don't forget to check out the quality. There are shopping centers that offer quality items at cheaper values. Just a friendly reminder, be a little keen with the items that you are going to purchase.

           4. Make it a simple project for you and your family

Yuletide season may also entitle short vacation for many. You will have enough time to make presents for loved ones. Bake cookies, compile pictures and videos creatively, make some cards. These all cost much less than buying something in the shops and will mean more to whom you dedicate them.
This may also be your moment in time when you can do some experimental cooking. Instead of buying cooked ham, you could make it on your own. Grab your long kept cooking book or go to video streaming sites for wide variety of cooking tutorials. 

            Most of us would want a feast-like celebration but we should also think practically as much as possible. Surely we don’t want to end up with nothing the next day. Let’s be wiser with money management and avoid being the so-called “one day millionaire”. There would be better ways to celebrate without leaving your pockets empty. Think before you pick.

May we all have a blessed and merrier Christmas!

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  1. Looking for inexpensive goods will stretch your dollar and avoid future financial problems. Expensive goods don't always translate to better quality. You just to be carefully choose the products and services that you are going to purchase.


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